Summary of DDJAY

Deen Dayal Jan Awas Yojana- Affordable Plotted Housing Policy 2016 for Low & Medium Potential Towns.

  • Policy will be applicable in Residential Zone of Low & Medium Potential Towns of the State.
  • Only 30% of the Net Planned area of Residential Sector can be allowed for project under this policy. While calculating limit of 30 %, existing limit of 20% allowed for Group Housing either affordable or Normal to be included. However DGTCP may increase limit up to 40%.
  • Minimum area of the Project is 5 Acres & Maximum is 15 Acres.
  • Project shall be completed within 7 year from the date of License.
  • Last date of application for license under this policy is 8th May, 2016.
  • No cap on allotment rate of the plots.
  • Area Parameters:
    • area of plots to be permitted;150 sqm.
    • Max. density permitted:240 to 400 persons per acre (PPA)
    • area allowed under Res. & COmm. Plots: 65% of Licensed area
    • Area under Commercial Use: 4% of Licensed area
    • FAR on Res. Plots of upto 150 sqm.: 2.00
    • width of internal roads in the colony: 9 metre
    • Minimum Area under organized Open Space: 5% of the licensed area
    • 10% area of licensed colony will be given to Govt. for community facility
  • Floors are also allowed on plots under this policy. Stilt parking is also allowed.
  • Applicable Fees & Charges:
    • For Medium potential Towns: 1 lakh per acre
    • For Low potential towns: 10 thousand per acre
    • The scrutiny fees at prescribed rates shall be levied.
    • The conversion charges and IDC shall stand waived off.
  • EDC:
    • For Medium Potential Zone: 10 Lakh per acre
    • For Low-1 Potential Zone: 5 Lakh per Acre
    • For Low-2 potential Zone: 5 Lakh Per Acre

Advantages of DDJAY Policy

  • No Cap on Allotment rate of plots
  • Project can be planned even in 5 acre
  • Plot sizes under this policy may vary from 90 Sq. Yrd to 180 Sq.yrd.
  • Floors on these plots are also allowed to develop with stilt parking.
  • No requirement of separate EWS/NPNL plots.
  • License fees & EDC charges are very reasonable.
  • 65% of land can be planned for sale & Development.
  • If developer is planning to develop plots only even on Max. size of project i.e. 15 Acre than also there is no requirement of Environment Clearance.
  • The scrutiny fees at prescribed rates shall be levied.
  • The conversion charges and IDC shall stand waived off.

Disadvantages of DDJAY Policy

  • Time limit for application of License i.e. 90 days is very short.
  • Due to applicable rules of License it is very difficult to achieve efficiency of 65 %.
  • Due to very Low Development in Medium & Low potential Towns of state, it is very difficult to know the exact status of area limit i.e. 30% / 40%.

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